4 Things To Know About Trading Your Junk Car For Cash

Posted on: 20 April 2021

There's nothing wrong with an old car. A used car that's kept in good condition can run for many years. However, there comes a point when fixing your old car may not be worth the cost or effort. Some problems are so expensive to fix that you'd be better off purchasing a new car instead.

When you're ready to trade in your old car for a new model, you can recoup some of the cost by selling your old junk car. Businesses that use auto parts offer cash in exchange for junk cars. You can sell your old car for cash, even if it no longer runs. Here are four things you should know about trading in junk cars:

1. You can get a quote over the phone.

Before you trade in your old car, you'll want to know its value. Many cash for cars businesses offer quotes over the phone. You'll need to describe your car's make and model, along with its year of creation and general condition. They will offer you an estimate of how much cash you may receive in exchange for your car. This quote is subject to change based on a mechanic's in-person evaluation of your car, but it can give you some idea of what to expect.

2. You can drive your car to the cash for cars lot at any time.

You don't need to make an appointment in order to sell your junk car. A staff member will be happy to evaluate and purchase your car any time during open hours. You can choose a time of day that's convenient for you without worrying about running late for your appointment due to traffic.

3. You can ask for towing service if necessary.

Some junk cars are no longer safe or operational. If you're unable to take your car to the buyer's lot in person, you can ask for towing service. Most businesses that exchange cash for junk cars are happy to provide towing service for customers who need it. This service is often complimentary if you're located within the business's service area. If you're located far away, you may be able to have the cost of the tow deducted from the final cash offer.

4. You must remember to fill out the necessary paperwork.

After you sell your junk car for cash, you must remember to alert the relevant parties. Make sure to contact your insurance company to cancel any insurance policy you have on your old car. You'll also need to contact the DMV to alert them to the transfer of ownership.

For more information about trading in your junk car, contact a local service, like Cash For Cars.