3 Things To Consider When Junking A Car

Posted on: 18 January 2018

Eventually, even the most reliable cars will stop working, get totaled in an accident, or become too expensive to repair. Figuring out what to do with a car after it has reached the end of its usefulness can be difficult. While some may keep it on their property and let it rust away, there are other options. There are plenty of components that can be recycled, sold, or even scrapped. Here are three things to consider when junking a car. 

Some Parts May Be Salvageable

The first thing that any car owner should know is that certain parts may be able to be recycled. If the parts are not damaged and are working, they can be sold. Older or classic cars in particular often have valuable parts that can be sold. Some popular car parts for salvage include the engine, wheels, brakes, tires, transmission, and steering. Before taking the car to the scrap yard, it's important to take a close look at the car parts that are still in place. A mechanic can also help determine which parts can be reused and which ones should be scrapped.

Metal Values Can Vary

Another thing to consider when taking a car to scrap metal buyers is that the metal market can be volatile. Prices for metal go up and down depending on market fluctuations. These fluctuations are reflected in the prices that scrap metal buyers will pay for certain metals. Steel is the most common metal used in cars and also the least valuable. However, on average around 55 percent of a car's weight comes from steel, so there is still a profit to be made when scrapping the vehicle. Aluminum is the second most common metal found in cars. Copper, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and lead are also used in small quantities in most cars. 

Shopping Around Is A Good Idea

Once parts and personal items have been removed, it's time to take the car to a company with scrap metal services. When searching for a scrap metal buyer, it's always a good idea to shop around. Chances are that one company may be willing to pay a little more than another. The average car will command around $300 at a scrap yard since scrap metal is worth between $130 and $150 per ton. This is a good number to keep in mind when junking a car.

Eventually most cars will break down or be involved in an accident. It can be difficult to decide what to do with a car that is no longer working. However, there are a few ways to dispose of it. Any parts that are still working can be sold for use in another vehicle. The metal in the car can also be sold to scrap metal buyers. When selling the metal in the car, shopping around is always a good idea. Most cars have at least a couple hundred dollars worth of metal in them. For more info, talk to companies like Sikora Metals.